Kevan Lindsey

Maintenance Worker, 32 years

For Kevan Lindsey, Canton Parks and Recreation maintenance worker, painting the lines on a baseball field, lining the bases and maintaining the field is not just another chore. It’s an art and a science.
Lindsey began his work experience at The Canton Joint Recreation District maintaining baseball fields and a variety of summer recreational tasks. His time with CJRD was supposed to end when the seasonal workers arrived; however, Lindsey’s supervisor asked him to return to continue his part-time work.
“I was eventually going to go to full time but we had to pass the levy first. The levy did not pass the first time, so I was still part-time. Once the levy passed in (about) 1986, I went on to full time.”


After Lindsey adjusted to full-time, he spent the bulk of his time working on baseball fields such as Cook, Bors and Thurman Munson. At the time, Thurman Munson baseball stadium was the home of the Canton-Akron Indians AA team until about 1996. His responsibility at Thurman Munson allowed him to opportunity to expand his knowledge and passion of ballfield maintenance by attending a variety of field maintenance conferences. He and another co-worker went to a training session in Miami, Florida, to learn more about ball field maintenance for major league teams. Additionally, he attended the Sports Turf Management Conference for six years.
Lindsey still spends a few days of the week at Thurman Munson stadium, maintaining the ballfield when he is not working at the Canton Parks and Recreation. For Lindsey, the appearance and play of Thurman Munson field is a point of personal and professional pride. Lindsey advises players the most efficient areas to practice on the ballfield to keep it presentable and clean.
“I’m not trying to keep the field neat so it’s easier for me to maintain. I’m trying to keep the field neat so players can have their best playing experience on the field. We want them to return to our field.”
Following the merger of the Canton Parks and CJRD, Lindsey is now an employee of Canton Parks and Recreation, performing maintenance for baseball fields, softball fields, tennis courts and the parks. However, his face doesn’t light up as much until he starts talking ballfields.
Lindsey says what’s been keeping him here for 32 years is his love for maintaining the baseball fields. “I enjoy making sure the bases are lined up just right, and the ground is the perfect texture for the players.”

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