Garaux Park


Baseball / Softball Fields

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Walking Trail

Handicapped Accessible


Garaux Walking Path – .21 mile

Looking for a beautiful and affordable location to have your wedding ceremony reception or special event? 
Garaux Hall offers an event space for weddings or ceremonies for up to 72 guests!

To reserve Garaux Hall, please call the office at 330-456-4521. Reservations need to be made in person at Canton Parks & Recreation Department: 1615 Stadium Park Drive, Canton, OH 44718. Please check the calendar to see if the date desired has been reserved.

– Access to 12 (8 ft) rectangular tables and 72 chairs.

– Access to a projector unit, a retractable drop-down screen, audio input, and HDMI input. Please note that HDMI cables, audio cables, and microphones are not provided; you must bring them yourself. Additionally, there is no Wi-Fi available at Garaux.

To set up the drop-down screen, follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your laptop to the HDMI input.
  2. Press the power button to turn on the projector, and the screen will automatically descend. If it doesn’t, you can use the screen’s down arrow button.
  3. Press the ‘Laptop HDMI’ button on the panel.
  4. Allow a couple of minutes for the projector to warm up. Your laptop screen will be mirrored on the drop-down screen, and the audio will connect automatically to the speakers.

These steps should help you get your presentation or media content up and running smoothly.

Rental fee: $225.00 for City of Canton resident, $275.00 non-resident

Note: $275/residents and $325.00/non residents on HOLIDAYS

DEPOSIT REQUIRED: $100 cash/check deposit required (must be cash if within 2 weeks)

Full payment and $100 deposit are both due at the time of the reservation.