Interested in one of these volunteer or giving opportunities?
Call us at 330-456-4521 for more information!


Several of our most dedicated volunteer groups have committed to adopting a park property. Park adoption can consist of a variety of responsibilities based on the skills, abilities, and availability of a group. Common activities are painting, weeding, mulching, landscaping and litter control. Participants receive recognition in the form of a park sign and one free rental of the park property each year. Applications can be obtained on our website or at the Canton Parks and Recreation office.

One Day Park Clean Up
With over 700 acres of land, Canton Parks is continually working to keep our parks clean. We would love your assistance in making an impact. Many groups volunteer to organize a park clean up. Parks will supply trash bags and disposable gloves for your volunteers on a mutually agreed upon date that will not interfere with park events. To arrange a park clean up please contact the office at 330-456-4521.

Share your talents – teach a class!
Do you have a special skill or hobby that you are willing to share? Instructors are always needed to teach new classes/programs for the Canton Parks and Recreation. Creativity is always encouraged and commitment is flexible. Examples include: photography, art, exercise classes, home decorating and sports.


Brick Program
The deadline is September 1st to place an order for a brick to honor a Veteran at Stark County Veterans Memorial Park at Canton’s Westbrook Park. The bricks are installed by Veteran’s Day each year and are ordered with a donation. You can now send in payment with the brick order form or you can reserve a brick in the office and pay with cash, check or credit. Brick order forms can be found online.

Park Bench
One way to support the parks is to donate a bench. The green bench is standard and used throughout the park system. A small name plate can be added. Donors can suggest a park location which will require approval by the Park Administration. Please contact the office if you would like to learn more.

Living Tree
Want to remember a loved one? Consider having a tree planted in one of our parks and placing a commemorative brass leaf plaque on the bronze “Living Tree” located in the Canton Garden Center. The cost varies by your choice of tree and includes installation, proper care/maintenance and one engraved brass leaf. All trees will be planted in the fall of each year.

We are looking for local businesses and organizations to sponsor our leagues, teams and events! We offer a variety of sponsorship packages to meet your needs. For more information, contact us at 330-456-4521.