Shelters & Reservations

  • Outdoor Shelters $40 resident
    $50 non-resident
  • Outdoor Shelters
    w/ Kitchenettes
    $50 resident
    $60 non-resident
  • Garaux Shelter $150 resident
    $200 non-resident

    Located on Raff Road. Note: $200/residents and $250.00/non residents on HOLIDAYS

  • Garden Center Varies

    6 hour rental Mon-Thur: $150 | Fri., Sat., Sun.: $300 | Each additional hour: $50/hour
    No Holiday Rentals

  • Garden Center Outdoor Zones Varies

    $50/hour (minimum 2 hours) | No Holiday Rentals
    It is the responsibility of the renter to provide tables and chairs for outdoor rentals. Tents are not permitted.

Some shelters require an entry code access. We no longer issue physical keys for shelter rentals. You will be issued a four-digit code that will work on the day of your rental only. These locations include: Fairhope, Mallonn, Garaux, Stadium #4, and Arboretum #6. 

Please be sure to review and print out your permit prior to your event.  If you have a question about your rental during normal business hours, please call our office at 330-456-4521.  If you need assistance and the office is closed, please contact the police non-emergency line at 330-649-5800.  They will contact you with our staff.


For reservations made with City of Canton Parks facilities, reservation fees are transferable (one time only) to a later date, but not refundable inside of 30 days of the reservation date.

We do not issue refunds because of inclement weather on the day of your rental.

Canton Parks and Recreation has a non-sufficient funds fee of $50.